Society and Customer Orientation 
Not due to an enforcement, but as a result of living in a society; the responsibility for the society, the service continuity for our customers, and our target regarding the customer oriented activity.

The sensitivity for the environment 
Be aware of that we owe this world from our grandchildren. To work for a sustainable development.

Productivity, Resource Management, and Efficiency 
Producing high added value by using labour, time, and the resources reasonably and efficiently. 

Being Scientific 
Choosing the science as being a real guide and leader in life.  Struggling for a science dominated society. Knowing that the quality is solely to be obtained by being managed totally and making an endeavour in this way.

Individual Quality 
Behaving well and appropriate not because of others’ demands but due to the respect for ourselves and other people. Be at peace with him/herself. .

Be mater in his/her domain. Knowing his/her work details and executing his/her work properly. Adding values in his/her work, team, company, and society accordingly. 

Experience, Continuous Development and Improvement
Being open to both innovativeness, youthfulness, and improvement, and also giving importance to the experience.

Solidarity and Sharing 
Not me approach but we approach. Being together in good and bad days. 

Holistic Approach
Seeing the whole forest instead of the trees; taking all society sections into consideration, not only one section. 

Transparency, Clearance, Honesty 
Sharing knowledge and impressions eagerly and sincerely without deforming their accuracy and being reliable in his/her words. 

Mutual Respect
Our all employees are respected.

Equity and equal opportunities.

Even we do not agree, we shall find a compromise.

Renovation and Creativity 
Break the rules. Think about what has never been thought. Try the untried and create beneficial values. 

Be Reasonable and Realistic.
Be Reasonable and Realistic. Do not waste your labour and time by following unrealistic dreams.

Respect the Individual and Human Rights. Being Human Being Focused. 
Human comes first. Respect private life. Paying attention to your employees. Not acting arbitrarily. Being fair. Human being are more important than the rules.

Be principled and consistent 
Having good personality, being a woman/man of her/his word. Being reliable. Not contravening your principles because of your benefits.

Convoy, feeling that you are in the same team with the others 
Common value, sharing the targets and beliefs, forming the direction and feeling partnership. Feeling her/himself as a part of the institution. Giving faith a common future.

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